Wiring harness For LED Light Bars – Relay 12v


Wiring – Relay harness For LED Light Bars


This is a Quality made relay – wiring harness which includes:

  • 25 Amp fuse
  • 12 Volt switch
  • pre-wired relay holder,
  • fuse holder with 25A fuse
  • Harness cable length suitable for most passenger vehicles
  • On / Off Switch
  • high quality conduit shield wrapping the entire length of wire


This wiring harness is relayed. What this means is that the entire current needed to power your light does not pass through the switch but is rather directed by a switch controlled relay directly to the light. The benefits include reduced risk of damage, less power consumption because there is far less resistance .

This harness will make your install much faster and will give you a high level of confidence the job was done right from the start.



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