17″ 216W 4 Row Led light bar, Monster Series (Combo beam)

This new design has 2 rows of Spot-beam and 2 row of Flood-beam giving you the best spread of light.

Features: 6031-216

Size: 438 x 168 x 93mm
LEDs: 72 pcs at 3w each
Watts: 216W


17″ 216W 4 Row LED light bar,  Combo beam

When you’re hitting the tracks after sundown it’s vital you have as much light coming from your vehicle as possible to avoid potential hazards on the tracks. LED lighting is one of the more recent developments of the lighting industry, offering increased levels of durability and reliability.

What makes the configuration of Monster 4 row light bars superior? They contain Spot Beam LEDs on the bottom two rows which focus their light into concentrated, far-reaching beams. The “flood” type upper LEDs serve to disburse their light to the sides. Once these units are turned on, their combination of side-to-side and distance illumination gives a driver an unparalleled wide area of vision that eliminates dark spots and hidden dangers on the road.

We use Fluoropolymer powder coatings that are purposely tailored for a long-life durable finish. Fluoropolymer powder systems are also formulated to meet the requirements of the high performance AAMA 2605 specification.These finishes are resistant to moisture, weathering, ozone and UV radiation. An application for this finish would include heavily used products that require long term cosmetic and functional protection.


LEDs are the most efficient and advanced form of lighting today. They emit their light from semiconductor chips mounted directly on a circuit board when current is applied, rather than in a vacuum the way OEM incandescent bulbs do. This offers far greater efficiency than incandescent bulbs because power is not lost by the production of heat. When you consider that LEDs typically generate 70 lumens per watt and incandescent lights generate 15, there’s no comparison. Even xenon bulbs known for their similarly clean, white light are far less efficient – generating only 20-24 lumens per watt at far greater temperatures.

Features : 6031-216

Size : 438 x 168 x 93mm
LEDs : 72 pcs at 3w each
Watts : 216W
Amps : 18A @12v, 9A @ 24v
Operating Volt: 10-30Volt DC
Colour temperature: 6000K
Operation temperature -40°C~60°C
Waterproof rate: IP67
Beam: Combo (Spot beam and flood beam)
Material: Diecast aluminum housing
Mounting Bracket: stainless steel
LENS: Toughened Glass Housing
colour: Black
Light output: 15,120 Lumen


The Different Types of LED-light-bar Beam Patterns

LED Spot Beam : 10 Degree (Narrow Beam) is a concentrated light pattern that is narrow yet very long. This led light bar pattern produces more of an intense centre spot which lights up objects right in front of you, while sacrificing some side light. 10 degree Spot Beam is great for long distance Highway driving.

LED Euro Beam : 30 Degree (Medium Beam) is designed to produce a very strong beam of light with wider coverage than the 10 degree spot pattern. This LED light pattern is designed to illuminate the side of the road while giving you good distance, which makes this a good off road light

LED Flood Beam : 60 Degree (Wide Beam) is much wider LED light pattern than the Euro or Spot but has a shorter reach. This is great for dispersing light and lighting up larger amounts of space on the track in front of you rather than far into the distance, making the led Flood light bar ideal for low range 4×4 driving, frequent off-road use, tractor work light and mining light.

Combo Beam : Both Spot & Flood combination, This is a great all round led light pattern giving you distance and flood light. Combo beam is the most popular and widely use on led light bars today.


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