22″ 120w Night Prowler LED Light bar (10 Degree Spot Beam)

3 Year Warranty, Spot Beam, 50,000 + hour LED lifespan, No Warm up period required, Over / Under Voltage Protection, CE Compliant


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Night Prowler Led Light Bar Features:

    • 120 watt
    • 40 x 3 watt LED’s
    • Raw Lumen 13,968
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • Operating Voltage 9-32V
    • US made Cree 3W High Power LED Chips
    • 10 Degree Spot Beam
    • 6063 Aluminium Extrusion
    • Durable UV 3800 Polyester Powder coat
    • Sealed Deutsch Connector
    • 50,000 + hour LED lifespan
    • No Warm up period required
    • Operating Temp -40C + 125C
    • 3m Waterproof IP68 Certified
    • Over / Under Voltage Protection
    • Vibration Certified
    • Electrically protected against RFI/EMC interference
    • CE Compliant


A : 3.5″ B : 3.2″ C : 4.8″ D : 22″ E : 23.7″ F : 3.2″


2R-Vent 2R-lens 2R-Coring 2R-Contents

Spot Beam Lens

8″ 30w Night Prowler LED light bar, Combo

The Different Types of Night prowler led light bar Beam Patterns

Spot Beam : 10 Degree (Narrow Beam) is a concentrated light pattern that is very narrow yet very long. This led light bar pattern produces more of an intense center spot to light up objects right in front of you, while sacrificing some side light. Night Prowler led light bar 10 degree Spot Beam is great for long distance Highway driving.

Flood Beam : 45 Degree (Wide Beam) is much wider LED light pattern than the Euro or Spot but has a significantly shorter reach. The Flood Beam is great for dispersing light and lighting up larger amounts of space on the track in front of you rather than far into the distance, making the Night Prowler led Flood light bar ideal for low range 4×4 driving and frequent off-road use.

Combo Beam : Both 10 Degree Spot and 45 Degree Flood combination, This is a great all round led light pattern giving you distance and flood light. Combo beam is the most popular and widely use on led light bars today.

Optional Mounting Brackets for the Night Prowler LED light bar

NP-mnts NP-MNT

Relay – Wiring harness for led light bars

8″ 30w Night Prowler LED light bar, Combo




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